Are the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini One and the Same?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published July 10th, 2012

Here’s a little something to get you thinking on a Monday morning: what if the iPhone 5 release date and the iPad Mini are so mysterious and elusive because neither device exists?

The rumor-mill has been awash with iPhone 5 release date suggestions for well over a year now and the iPad Mini is a notion that simply will not die. True, both are incredibly enticing and we’d all like nothing more than to see a pair of new iOS 6 devices land later this summer, but what if neither has been earmarked for a 2012 release date?

Humor me, if you will…

Leaks and ‘credible’ reports are simply flying out of the Far East suggesting that Apple is testing screen panels larger than those of the iPhone 4S though vastly smaller than the iPad. Now, both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have both spoken out on several occasions of having no intention of ever increasing the screen size of the iPhone, so as to avoid fragmentation. On the other hand, when posed with a direct question about the iPad Mini, Cook replied with nothing more than a cheeky grin and silence.

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New Twitter app for iPhone immense update list

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published July 10th, 2012

If you use the iPhone Twitter app then a lot of changes will be coming your way soon with a major new update. Some leaked information from the forthcoming iOS 6 regarding a redesigned App Store shows a big update is on the way for Twitter as disclosed in the update history section. It looks as though the new version Twitter app for iPhone has an immense update list.

There has been some criticism about the lack of power-user features in current official Twitter mobile device apps but if this revamp info is accurate it certainly seems as though Twitter is going all out to impress. The leaked release notes show the Twitter for iPhone update 4.3 bringing improvements to notifications, searching and performance and focusing on interactivity. Apple is likely to fix the iOS 6 bug that leaked this news but the details are out, although of course we cannot yet tell you when this Twitter update will be released.

We heard of the update coming to Twitter from 9to5Mac who have helpfully listed all of the changes coming to Twitter that have been discovered so far. We’ll give you just a few of those enhancements or you can check them out in full at the above 9to5Mac link. As far as that focus on interactivity goes it seems the Tweet view experience will now contain videos, images and previews actually within the tweets with links to partners. Twitter will also be able to curate tweets and images highlighted under “selected events.”

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British Journal of Photography comes to the iPhone

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published July 7th, 2012

British Journal of Photography is coming to the iPhone on 05 July, bringing the magazine’s acclaimed mix of stunning imagery, stylish design and thought-provoking articles to Apple’s most popular device

“Last year, the British Journal of Photography was one of the first magazines to release a custom-built iPad app,” says editor Simon Bainbridge. “While most magazines you come across are clunky page turners – so-called digital editions that are really just glorified PDFs of the print version – ours is bespoke, built by our own team of designers and developers.”

When it came to releasing an edition of BJP for the iPhone, “there was no point trying to replicate what we had done for the iPad”, says Bainbridge. “Instead, we’ve come up with a concept that includes smaller issues that appear more frequently. Of course, there’s been no concession to the elegance of the design for which we have won so many admirers, nor have we dumbed down our articles or compromised the quality of the stunning photographs we showcase. In fact, it’s taken a lot of painstaking work to make it work on the latest iPhone’s Retina display, making sure the images pop out, but also ensuring the typography features in our print edition remain a more enjoyable read than the robotic HTML rendering that hinders the aesthetic of other magazines published for the small screen.”

The app’s first edition, which will be available from 05 July on iTunes, will feature US photographer Roger Ballen. “It seems appropriate that our first edition features Ballen, a true radical in the world of photography, and who recently made his first music video, working with an uncompromising rap-rave duo from his hometown in Johannesburg. Be prepared to have your ideas about photography seriously challenged, just as we hope we can change your expectations about how a magazine should look on an iPhone.”

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